Hands on Search

(Yahoo Japan Corporation)
Developped the "Hands on Search" system based on the concept model of combining searcing and 3D printer technology. This project is subject to offer the "Hands on Search" to those who needs to "touch" the most - the students of School for the blind. The project offered an experience class throughout Japan. This class enables students to touch the retrieved results which is the "searched" output by the 3D printer. The searched objects data output from 3D printer had been widely recruited from companies and the general public. Also notification for researched results of "Hands on Search" had been recruited from general internet users through "Hands on Search" website and Yahoo! JAPAN ad serving technology. Also, released 140 data of "Hands on Search" at the 3D data sharing site "Thingiverse", owned by MakerBot. In conjunction with the API of Thingiverse, it enabled the "Hands on Search" to search also from "Thingiverse" which contains over 100,000 data. In addition, the application was open sourced at the source code sharing community site GitHub.


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