Yori Dori Midori Nerima (Nerima Green Project)

(Nerima Ward)
Nerima ward, "Yoridori green" in the slogan, has settled a "green wind blows town vision" and launched the project "YoriDoriMidori (Yoridori green) Nerima". It is object to disseminate a variety of charm of Nerima ward, which has the best rate of green coverage among all 23 wards. The project recruited the photos of "Nerima ward with reflection along with the green" from wards and outside, collected about 2,300 pictures. Then extraced every single green color and put into data. Based on its data, with the cooperation of the paint manufacturer "knickers paint" in Nerima Ward, Nerima Ward original color of the five colors "NERIMA GREEN (Nerima Green)" was developed. This "NERIMA GREEN" has been adopted as a real paint, and now are utilized in a variety of locations, such as to the usage in the ward of events, or used to ward printed materials, etc.
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