• Kentaro Kimura


    After joining Hakuhodo in 1992, he established a cross-field business style which covers strategy, creative, digital, and PR fields, and in 2006, he founded Hakuhodo Kettle with Shima as a co-CEO. His expertise spans a wide variety from integrated campaigns based on mass advertising to innovative campaigns based on digital and outdoor fields. He has been awarded more than 150 advertising awards including the eight grand prizes inside and outside Japan, and served as a judge for international advertising awards over 25 times such as Cannes Lions Titanium, Adfest, and Spikes Asia. He gave many speeches outside Japan, and he served as an official speaker for Cannes Lions five times since 2013. Since 2017, he has worked as APAC Co-Chief Creative Officer and General Manager in Global Integrated Solution Division at Hakuhodo, to preside global creative businesses. He wrote a book titled Breakthrough: Hirameki wa logic kara umareru(Senden Kaigi).

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