Kentaro Kimura


Executive Creative Director

Joining Hakuhodo in 1992, Kimura soon established a unique planning and creative style that eliminates the boundaries between the strategic, creative, digital, and PR, working seamlessly through the entire process. In 2006, he established Hakuhodo Kettle, a creative agency that plans and implements innovative new campaigns that often go beyond ordinary advertising methods. Bubbling up and serving his clients new ideas, his goal is for Hakuhodo Kettle to set the whole world boiling. Kimura has won more than 100 awards, including 8 Grand Prix, and has served as a member of jury in about 20 international award shows, including Titanium & Integrated Lions and Promo & Direct Jury President at Adfest. He has delivered seminars in more than 10 countries, and served as an official speaker at Cannes Lions in 2013, 2014, and 2015. His book, “Breakthrough Hirameki wa Logic Kara Umareru” (“Breakthrough: Insight is Born from Logic”) was published by Senden Kaigi.

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